Florent GROS

Florent Gros 2
Florent GROS
Senior Advisor

Florent is the Founder and CEO of Handl Therapeutics in Belgium, a privately-held biotech developing gene therapy solution for CNS diseases.

Prior to Handl Therapeutics, for three decades, he held various positions in the intellectual property and venture areas, worked at Nestlé, Pasteur Mérieux Connaught, and at Novartis over 20 years both in Switzerland and the USA. Florent was a Managing Director for 13 years at the Novartis Venture Funds in Switzerland, seeding and financing 17 biotech and medtech companies.

Florent is a Kaufmann Fellow (class 12), holds a French MSc Engineering Degree followed by a thesis on vaccines at GSK in Belgium. He also holds European and French patent lawyer degrees and another MSc in Private Law.