Francois Valencony
Managing Partner & Executive Officer - Lyon

François started his career within the North American division of Schneider Electric, focusing on M&A and strategic initiatives in the USA, then contributed to the set-up and international expansion of G-F-X, a software company based in the U.K. François has been working for Institut Mérieux since 2003, contributing to several initiatives in support to diagnostic and biotech business areas, including global out-licensing of vaccine candidates, establishment of joint ventures with partners in Asia and several M&A transactions at bioMérieux.

François led the establishment of Mérieux Développement in 2009, subsequently executed more than 10 investment transactions within the Venture and Growth Capital segments in Europe and North America. He is currently Managing Partner and Executive Officer of Mérieux Equity Partners.

François graduated from HEC Paris and holds a Master Degree from CEMS in Köln, Germany.