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The OPTI-STEM consortium led by CELL-EASY receives funding from the French government and the Occitanie Region

Monday 28 February, 2022

The OPTI-STEM project aims to optimize the production of MSCs in order to democratize access to them and thus allow the diversification of therapeutic applications of this type of cells and their derivatives (exosomes, etc.). To achieve this objective, the R&D consortium led by Cell-Easy has obtained public funding of more than € 7 million as part of the "Biotherapies and Bioproduction of Innovative Therapies" acceleration strategy, operated on behalf of the French government by Bpifrance.  It has also received € 800,000 from the Occitanie Region for the development of the preliminary phases of the process (2D and/or 3D), as well as the precise analytical characterization of the MSCs.