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  • 2015
    Creation Date
  • 30
    Number of Employees
  • 2018
    Investment Date
  • Mérieux Participations 2
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Company Presentation

Inscripta offers the world’s first benchtop platform for scalable Digital Genome Engineering. The CRISPR-based Onyx™ platform consists of an instrument, reagents, and software that offer a fully automated workflow enabling multiplexed, trackable editing of cells at an unprecedented scale.

Inscripta’s goal is to empower scientists whose gene editing research is stifled by current technical and licensing limitations. By providing this unique platform and engaging in collaborative business practices, such as making its MAD7 CRISPR nuclease free for research purposes, the company is enabling scientists to realize a new era of biological discovery.


5500 Central Avenue - CO 80301 Boulder - USA

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