Growth/Buyout Portfolio - Laboratoires Ineldea

Laboratoires INELDEA

Key Figures

  • 2003
    Creation Date
  • 2017
    Investment Date
  • 2021
    Exit Date
  • Mérieux Participations 2
    Fund Name

Company Presentation

Created by a management team with more than 20 years' experience in the field of natural products, Laboratoires INELDEA benefit from recognized technical and scientific expertise in the formulation, development and marketing of natural health products and particularly innovative natural cosmetics.

With a product portfolio of more than 400 references and a rate of several innovations per year, Laboratoires INELDEA have won, by their consistency and the quality of the products they offer, the confidence of healthcare professionals as well as consumers. Woman, man, child, athlete, each individual at each stage of their life must provide his body with specific elements. It is with this in mind that their brands have been designed. 

Exit Date: 2021


ZI de Carros - 10ème Rue - 4ème Avenue - 06510 Carros - FRANCE