Supersonic Imagine

510, Rue René Descartes Les Jardins de la Duranne Bât E & F
13857 Aix en Provence - FRANCE Site web

Key figures

Creation date: 2005
Number of employees: 165
Fund name: Mérieux Participations 1

Company presentation

SuperSonic Imagine is a company specialized in the field of medical imaging. The company designs, develops and markets a revolutionary ultrasound platform Aixplorer®, which operates a UltraFast technology with an acquisition rate about 200 times faster than competing systems. Aixplorer® is the only ultrasound imaging to combine two types of waves: ultrasonic waves to construct images of exceptional quality; shear waves allowing physicians to visualize and analyze real-time tissue hardness through a reliable, reproducible, and noninvasive procedure. This innovation, ShearWave Elastography improves the detection and characterization of multiple pathologies in many applications. The platform Aixplorer® has received CE Mark in 2008 and is approved by the FDA since 2009 for several clinical applications: breast, thyroid, abdomen, liver, musculo-skeletal disorders, prostate, gynecology and obstetrics.

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