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XERIS Pharmaceuticals

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  • 2017
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Company Presentation

Xeris Pharmaceuticals is a Chicago, IL and Austin, TX-based, specialty biopharmaceutical company developing improved and differentiated injectable therapeutics for multiple indications including diabetes.

The company's proprietary XeriSol™ and XeriJect™ formulation technologies allow for the subcutaneous and intradermal delivery of highly concentrated, non-aqueous, ready-to-use formulations of peptides, proteins, antibodies and small molecules using auto-injectors, multi-dose pens and pumps.

Xeris Pharmaceuticals' proprietary formulation platforms have the potential to offer distinct advantages over existing products and formulations including: up to 1000-fold lower injection volumes, long term room-temperature stability and elimination of reconstitution and refrigeration. These distinct potential advantages can lead to products that are easier to use by patients, caregivers, health practitioners, and potentially reduce costs for payers and the healthcare system.

Since October 2021, the company is a subsidiary of Xeris Biopharma Holdings Inc.


180 North LaSalle Street - Suite 1600 - IL 60601 Chicago - USA

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