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Private Equity Investor

We stay true to our mission, you develop your vision

We are invested investors.

We are a Venture Capital and Growth / Buyout Private Equity Investment Firm focused on Healthcare and Nutrition.

We sow, you grow. Health is fundamentally human, and as a private equity fund, we see investment in the same way. We’re on the lookout for companies with high growth potential in the healthcare, life sciences and nutrition sectors. You are entrepreneurs at a critical stage in your development, moving from prototype to production, from local operations to national or international.

Your offer is different. Your prospects are exciting. We want to catalyse your growth and help you reach your full impact in your sector. We respect your entrepreneurial spirit and drive, and understand its full value. Our human-sized team is at your service. Based in Lyon and Paris, we share a wide range of backgrounds and bring you tailored domain and operational expertise at every step of the way.

We are curious about new ideas and your solutions, independent in our decisions and accountable for our choices. Together, let’s take your emerging strengths to a new level.

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Date: April 2022  /  Source: Mérieux Equity Partners

Disclaimer: This page is dedicated to entrepreneurs. The information on this page should not be construed as an invitation to invest.